Welcome to Shipboard Technical Support.

Shipboard Technical Support (STS) provides specialized expertise, personnel, instrumentation and support services to science groups that use oceanographic research vessels.

STS also sells certain equipment and instrumentation developed and fabricated internally that are unavailable on the commercial market.

STS is composed of several groups, each providing a distinctive set of services and expertise:

Woody Sutherland
Business Office
Located in MARFAC, provides internal business services.
Computing Resources Group
Manages and maintains STS computing resources.
Oceanographic Data Facility
Provides hydrographic measurements and support services.
Shipboard Electronics Group
Designs and develops instrumentation; Maintains and repairs electronic equipment.
Marine Technical Group
Oversees deck operations; Manages mechanical instrumentation
Shipboard Geophysical Group
Provides seismic services.
STS Calibration Laboratory
Provides temperature and pressure calibrations
CLIVAR/WOCE Hydrographic Data Office